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At Design Technologies we can customize the mass notification solution to fit your business needs and help keep your employees and customers safe. Stay compliant with reliable mass notification systems from our trusted partners.

Mass Notification

Gamewell FCI by Honeywell

If you are looking for a solid Mass Notification System (MNS) turn to the Gamewell FCI product line by Honeywell. Gamewell FCI Mass notification products have proven the test of time in strength, flexibility and survivability which make it a perfect choice for keeping the public informed in the event of an emergency. The system’s ability to communicate real time information regarding the type of emergency that is occurring, and safely instruct people on what to do, and where to go, offers building owners, government officials, and facility managers a simple, proven answer to their safety requirements.

If you are interested in learning more about how mass notification can help ensure safety and compliance for your business or facility, schedule an assessment today!

Giant Voice

Giant Voice


Eaton's Wide-Area Mass Notification System (MNS), WAVES, is a battle-tested and battle-proven solution.  When immediate notification is essential, WAVES provides critical audible and visual messages that are specific to the emergency, specific to the area affected, and in real-time. 

Featuring industry-leading intelligibility, WAVES broadcasts crystal, clear voice messages, tones and sirens, covering large geographic outdoor areas.  This Giant Voice system, available in both mobile and stationary options, ensures that you get the right message to the right person at the right time.

If you are interested in learning more about how giant voice can greatly improve safety and compliance schedule an assessment today!

Want to learn more about how mass notification can keep your business safe, compliant, & informed? 

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Mass Notification

Predictive Analytics​

Capsol portal
Capsol data

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CAPSOL is a unique Social Media predictive analysis tool. CAPSOL monitors structured and unstructured data, and through the use of patented and patent pending algorithms, is able to provide an analysis of trending events. CAPSOL has the ability to monitor Social Media, as well as other sources of data, and identify key words, trends, and in some cases even location of what could be potentially relevant data. CAPSOL can be used to stay ahead of social trends or even as preventative data for law enforcement and other agencies.

Being able to predict trends leads to early response which provides that extra measure of safety and security for those under our care. Providing information through the use of CAPSOL can help provide the mandatory compliance with the Clery Act in higher educational facilities. With safety of students in primary and secondary educational facilities, CAPSOL has the ability to provide notice to the proper personnel to mitigate potentially dangerous threats.

Are you readyt to learn more about how CAPSOL can turn your social media data into valuable knowledge? Schedule a demo with us today!

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